About Us

The SPE California Sustainability Study Group is a forum to learn and discuss challenges and opportunities for the California oil & gas industry.

SPE members from industry, government and consulting meet monthly with Thought Leaders to share best practices, discuss challenges and learn the latest science & technology supporting sustainable oil & gas development in California.

Sustainable Oil & Gas Development is a broad scope—within which we focus mainly on issues of climate action, affordable clean energy, clean water, waste reduction and community engagement. For a good map of how our industry supports Sustainable Development, see IPEACA’s report on Mapping the oil and gas industry to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our monthly meetings feature a guest speaker presenting information on a relevant topic and a group discussion. Eventually (post the pandemic) we’ll host informal luncheon meetings (i.e. sandwiches, pizza) in various California cities (Bakersfield, LA, Sacramento) – but for now, we are hosting monthly webinars accessible to all SPE members as well as non-members.

The Sustainability Study Group is directed by a steering team of representatives from industry, government and academia who establish scope & objectives and identify monthly topics and speakers. Our current Steering Team Members are:


If you have a suggestion for a topic for the Study Group—or if you are interested in volunteering on our Steering Team—please contact Tony Zamora at tony@tonyzamora.com.