2023-2024 Meetings

The SPE Golden Gate events bring together oil and gas professionals from across the globe to discuss technical innovations and advancements in petroleum recovery. Our monthly meetings provide opportunities to connect with the latest E&P technologies and network with upstream experts as well as guests from the SPE Distinguished Lecturer Program.






23 October 2023
(Monday, 4 PM Pacific)
Remote Webinar Yuran Zhang
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Microbial DNA-based tracers for fractured reservoir characterization 

16 November 2023
(Thursday, 12 PM Pacific)
Stanford University Mohammad (Jabs) Aljubran
Stanford University

Techno-economics of flexible geothermal power

12 December 2023

(Tuesday, 12 PM Pacific)

Stanford University

Gege Wen

Stanford University

CO2 Geological Storage Modeling with Machine Learning

18 January 2024

(Tuesday, 12 PM Pacific)

Stanford University

Robin Hui


Data-Space Inversion for Rapid Physics-Informed Direct Forecasting in Unconventional Reservoirs
February 2024
NA NA <No speaker this month>

21 March 2024

(Thursday, 12:30 PM Pacific)

University of California, Berkeley Tom Bradley
Baker Hughes
SPE Distinguished Lecturer
Application of oil and gas subsurface evaluation methodology for geothermal

13 May 2024

(Monday, 12 PM Pacific)


Garrett Fowler

ResFrac Corporation

SPE Distinguished Lecturer

How to leverage what we've learned about hydraulic fractures