Section ByLaws

Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Inc.

Golden Gate Section Bylaws


May 5, 2018


Section 1.  Name. The name of the section is Golden Gate Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.


Section 2.  Established. The Golden Gate Section was established on May 13 1966.


Section 3. Headquarters.  The Golden Gate Section headquarters and jurisdiction will be the San Francisco Bay Area.  



Section 1. Bylaws.   These Bylaws are a governing document for the management and activities of the Golden Gate Section. The Golden Gate Section is also governed by all policies set by the SPE International Board of Directors.


Section 2.  Mission.  The Golden Gate Section exists to further the mission and vision of SPE by providing local meetings for the discussion of subjects relating to energy resources.



Section 1.  Requirements.  An SPE membership is a requirement for membership to the Golden Gate Section.  Only SPE members in good standing who have selected the Golden Gate Section as primary shall be members of the Golden Gate Section. We will welcome and accommodate any SPE member visiting our area.


Section 2.  Affiliates.  The board of directors may approve classes of non-voting affiliates with rights, privileges, and obligations established by the board.  Affiliates may be individuals, businesses, and other organizations that seek to support the mission of the society.  Affiliates have no voting rights and are not members of the Golden Gate Section.



Section 1.  Number of Directors.  The Golden Gate Section shall have a board of directors consisting of at least 4 and no more than 15 directors.  Included among the directors are the positions of Chair, Program Chair, Membership Chair, and Treasurer. Within these limits, the board may increase or decrease the number of directors serving on the board.


Section 2. Powers.  All Golden Gate Section powers shall be exercised by or under the authority of the board and the affairs of the Golden Gate Section shall be managed under the direction of the board, except as otherwise provided by law.


Section 3. Terms. 

  • All directors shall be elected to serve a one-year term; however, the term may be extended until a successor has been elected.
  • Directors may serve terms in succession.
  • The term of office shall be considered to begin July 1 and end June 30 of the following year in office, unless the term is extended until such time as a successor has been elected.


Section 4. Qualifications and Election of Directors.  In order to be eligible to serve as a director on the board of directors, the individual must be a member of the Golden Gate Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.  A nominating committee selected by the chair prepares a list for the incoming board of directors and present it to the section members at the annual meeting of the section. Members may add to, subtract from, or alter the list of nominees during the annual meeting using acceptable parliamentary rules. The board members will be selected by a majority vote of members present.


Section 5. Vacancies.  The board of directors may fill vacancies due to the expiration of a director’s term of office, resignation, death, or removal of a director or may appoint new directors to fill a previously unfilled board position, subject to the maximum number of directors under these Bylaws.


Section 6. Removal of Directors.  A director may be removed by two-thirds (2/3rd) vote of the board of directors then in office, if:

  • the director is absent and unexcused from two or more meetings of the board of directors in a twelve-month period. The board chair is empowered to excuse directors from attendance for a reason deemed adequate by the board chair. The chair shall not have the power to excuse him/herself from the board meeting attendance and in that case, the board program chair shall excuse the chair or:
  • for cause or no cause, if before any meeting of the board at which a vote on removal will be made the director in question is given electronic or written notification of the board’s intention to discuss her/his case and is given the opportunity to be heard at a meeting of the board.




Committees may be appointed by the section board. All committee actions, programs, and financial transactions are at the discretion of the section board.



Amendments to these bylaws must first be approved by the board. Upon approval, the board will notify the membership of the proposed changes. If the board receives no objections to the changes 30 days following the notice, the amendment is adopted. A copy of the current bylaws is kept on file with SPE.



If the section board deems necessary to dissolve the section, an affirmative vote of two-thirds of membership is required. A lack of vote is considered affirmative. At any time and for any reason, if dissolution is necessary, all remaining funds must be allocated to SPE.