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Sustainable Oil & Gas Development is a broad scope—within which we intended to focus on issues of climate action, affordable clean energy, clean water, waste reduction and community engagement. (for a good map of how our industry supports Sustainable Development, see joint report on Mapping the oil and gas industry to the Sustainable Development Goals).


A few topics in our cue that we are working to deliver in upcoming meetings:

  • Carbon Capture, Use and Storage (CCUS) potential in Calif
  • Repurposing abandoned infrastructure for geothermal and/or gas storage
  • Offshore decommissioning
  • Geochemical process for CO2 mineralization
  • Methane emissions monitoring via aerial or satellite imaging.
  • New regulatory initiatives and programs
  • Renewable energy use within field operations
  • SPE’s Gaia Program supporting sustainable development


September 24 2020

Join us for our fourth event: Johana Dunlop & Flora Moon of the Society of Petroleum Engineers “GAIA”on Thursday September 24 2020 at 12:00pm (noon) Pacific Time.

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If you have any questions about the California Sustainable Development Study Group—or if you have an idea for a good topic/presenter—please contact Tony Zamora at tony@tonyzamora.com.