2020-2021 Meetings

The SPE Golden Gate events bring together oil and gas professionals from across the globe to discuss technical innovations and advancements in petroleum recovery. Our monthly meetings provide opportunities to connect with the latest E&P technologies and network with upstream experts as well as guests from the SPE Distinguished Lecturer Program.






15 September 2020
Zoom Behrooz Fattahi
The EnerTrain Institute
A Leadership Approach to Management Event Registration
19 October 2020
Zoom Leen Weijers
Liberty Oilfield Services
SPE Distinguished Lecturer
Fracture Model Calibration for Conventional and Unconventional Rocks Event Registration
4 November 2020
Zoom Samaa Morsy
Optimized Development Strategy Workflow for Unconventional Reservoirs Event Registration
20 January 2021
(Wednesday, 4PM Pacific)
Zoom Derrick O'Keefe
SPE Distinguished Lecturer
In Relentless Pursuit of Offshore Safety: A Privileged Perspective Event Registration
24 February 2021
(Wednesday, 11AM Pacific)
Zoom Roland Horne
Stanford University
SPE Distinguished Lecturer
Big Data and Machine Learning in Reservoir Analysis Event Registration
17 March 2021
(Wednesday, 11AM Pacific)
Zoom Steven Shryock
Retired, Chevron Australia
A Giant World-Class Development of Deep Water Gas in Australia Event Registration
14 April 2021
(Wednesday, 11AM Pacific)
Zoom Paul Craddock
SPE Distinguished Lecturer
Science of Kerogen: Engineering Applications for Shale Exploration & Production Event Registration
19 May 2021
(Wednesday, 11AM Pacific)
Zoom Naomi Boness
Stanford University
Natural Gas in the Era of Decarbonization Event Registration
7 June 2021
(Monday, 11AM Pacific)
Zoom Christine Ehlig-Economides
University of Houston
Cost Comparison Between Carbon Neutral Fuel and Alternative Low Carbon Energy Options Event Registration